Slektsforum Karm°y was founded in november 1996. It focuses on genealogy, family history and all kinds of information related to Karm°y. We hope to be a forum for all persons who have any connection to this area. Currently our main tasks are:

It is our goal to transfer written information to databases, thus making the information available for those who are interested. When we have the information in databases it is easy to maintain, access and extract information in the way you want it.

We would try as best we can to answering questions you my have about genealogy connected to Karm°y.

Even though all work is done voluntary by our members we have expenses.

You can help us by signing in as a member entry form. If you donĺt like to be a member but think we are doing a great job you can still help by sending a small donation.

For more information, we are availible in the following ways:



Mail address:

Slektsforum Karm°y

PO Box 135

N-4297 Skudeneshavn